We Have Eternal Life By Faith In Jesus Christ! (John 14:1-12)

Terrel Kesterson, September 17, 2017
Part of the series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Here’s a quote, with a little paraphrasing, which describes what religion is to many people today:
People will often say they are ‘spiritual’ but not religious; which usually means that they
will believe any religion that doesn’t involve Jesus. Popular choices include (religions in
which you don’t have to give up stuff and actually go to ‘church’). Mostly they are into
religion that fits really well into their [home décor] or wardrobe and doesn’t require them
to do very much. (quoted from the web site: “Stuff White People Like”)
In contrast to that, how blessed you and I are to have been given faith in Jesus Christ, and with
Him, eternal life!


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John 14:1-12


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