A Warm and Caring Atmosphere

Outreach Takeaway #1

God has granted just one means by which He saves: the gospel. The good news which declares the ungodly righteous for Jesus sake is the Spirit’s precious fountain springing up to everlasting life. As Christians we endeavor both to drink of those life giving waters and share them with others. How do we get more thirsty souls to this fountain of God’s Word?

Sometimes we speak of “evangelism” and “pre-evangelism.” Evangelism is the work of sharing the message of Christ crucified. Pre-evangelism may be thought of as all other things we do as Christians and churches to get more sinners in touch with that message. A warm and caring atmosphere does not win souls for Christ – only Word and Spirit can do that. However, a thoughtful and welcoming congregation does help remove distractions and obstacles, so that the visitor can focus and will feel welcome to return again to the Spirit’s life giving fountain.

The attached article is one of a series we will be sharing month by month focused on equipping Christians for the work of evangelism. Read more in Outreach Takeaway #1: “A WARM AND CARING ATMOSPHERE.”

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