Building Bridges for Christ – Outreach Takeaway #6

If one wanted to describe the process of friendship or relational evangelism in a word picture, it could be likened to “bridge building.” In this picture a bridge equals a relationship.

Someone has described the essence of life as relationships with people and the better those relationships are the more meaningful life can be. Each relationship with another person is like abridge between two people over which words and actions and feelings travel.

Our focus in this article is on those bridges of contact which you have with people who do not know and confess Jesus as their Savior and/or those who are not presently involved and active in a Christian church. How many such contacts do you have in your neighborhood, at your place of work or at school, in your daily and weekly social contacts? Count them. You’ll be amazed at how many there really are and at how easily you could multiply their number by just keeping your eyes and ears open!

Building Bridges for Christ (PDF)