The Bible – Divine Revelation or Human Speculation?

1. Where did it come from?     Professor John Ude
The Inspiration of Scripture 

2. How did we get it?     Professor John Pfeiffer
The Revealing of the Old Testament and New Testament Canon

3. What do we do with it?     President Steve Sippert
The Transmission of the New Testament Text, Variant Readings, and Interpreting Scripture

A Seminar on the Authenticity and Reliability of the Bible
Location:  the Batavia Public Library
Hosted by Ascension Lutheran Church of Batavia
Saturday, July 13, 1-4p

Featuring Guest Speakers from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary, Eau Claire WI

Professor John Ude, professor of dogmatic theology

Professor John Pfeiffer, professor of Old Testament exegetical studies

President Steven Sippert, professor of New Testament exegetical studies and hermeneutics