The Truth About The Death Of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 53:9)

Terrel Kesterson, March 26, 2017
Part of the series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

It’s typical at this time of year to see magazine articles and television specials claiming to shed light on the death of Jesus Christ, but in reality leaving people in the dark. This morning we turn to the Word of God for the truth about Jesus’ death.

Our sermon texts during this Lenten season have been from the 53rd chapter of Isaiah. Isaiah begins today’s text: “They made His grave with the wicked.” The Jewish leaders believed that Jesus was an evil blasphemer for saying He is the Son of God, and deserved to die for it. The Roman governor Pontius Pilate gave his permission for Jesus to be crucified, which was how the Roman Empire executed the worst criminals. Certainly the Jewish leaders thought that death by crucifixion was a very fitting punishment for Jesus.


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