What Kind Of King Is Jesus?! (Matthew 27:27-31)

Terrel Kesterson, April 9, 2017
Part of the series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

“My dad’s stronger/faster/smarter than your dad!” little boys like to brag to one another. We tend to put our heroes up on a pedestal. And we don’t feel good when our heroes fail to meet our expectations. At first glance, there’s not much in our Lord Jesus to brag about, at least as far as His earthly life is concerned. Speaking of that time of Jesus’ life Isaiah says, “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him” (Is. 53:2). There was nothing special about Jesus’ physical appearance. He was very meek and lowly. He was poor. He had a small following of faithful disciples. Yet Jesus called Himself a King. The soldiers of Pontius Pilate thought that was a joke. And they made great fun of Jesus for making such a claim.
Today, with the Palm Sunday vision of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, we’ll consider this question: WHAT KIND OF KING IS JESUS?!


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